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  • Developer: Takniki Communications (India)
  • Home page: www.takniki.com
  • License type: Commercial
  • Size: 936 KB
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S-Mail server can work as a complete mailing system for your organization, satisfying all internal (Within Organisation, Intra Office), and external(Internet) e-mailing needs. It comes built in with a number of power-packed features and is fully customizable to different organizational policies. S-Mail Server also incorporates seamless connectivity to proprietary E-mail systems like Lotus, cc:Mail, MSMail, MS-Exchange, Novell GroupWise among others. This allows the organization and users a very significant choice - that of continuing with the existing system and client/interface that they are comfortable with, or to migrate to the open Internet standard with it\'s increasingly popular and feature rich E-mail client software. With power packed features of S-Mail Server you can now forward a copy of all the incoming email messages and outgoing email messages to admin or any other mail box.This ensures that your employees are not using your office infrastructure for their personal needs, and also keeps a track of all the email communication. With variety of security features you can control every email to and fro your organisation if you want. S-Mail Server also features full fledged proxy server. Which let's you stay in control as who can use internet in your organisation and for how much time. S Mail Server is very easy to install and configure. It doesnt require a dedicated machine, and you can have it running on any entry class machine within 5 minutes.


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