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SXBandMaster is hi-tech multifunctional application that act at the same time as: ISP Dialer, Download Manager (FTP, HTTP), Offline Browser for websites (with JavaScript interpreter) and FTP-sites, FTP Upload Application, Mail Agent and Time Synchronizer. In the first build of SXBandMaster you'll find these features: ISP Dialer. Creating many dialing presets based on one connection entry. Advanced functional dependent minimum connection speed limit. Callback support. Dialing Stats. You can watch numerical data (received/transmitted bytes/frames, errors, redialings, etc.) and transfer graphs (receiving and transmitting speed and total values) when dialing session is active and when it's already finished. Download Manager. Supports FTP, HTTP, proxy (FTP, HTTP, SOCKS), basic authentication, multithread download, custom file parts downloading order, updates check, broken downloads restoring. Uploading. Uploading manager has controls, similar to downloading one. Now enabled only as Single File Uploading, but will be available as Multi File Uploading soon. Offline Browser. Downloads websites through HTTP (also files linked from HTML to FTP). Unmatched JavaScript interpreter with HTML-links changing. Custom files downloading order (e.g first text, then graphics). Advanced files filtering (by name, size, content type, modification time, HTML/JavaScript-linking type etc). Floating downloading depth system. Scheduling. All tasks can be accomplished automatically when using advanced planning system. Unmatched time selection controls. Multilevel Control. SXBandMaster has 3-level control depending on user's skill. So, this application can be used by web-designers, programmers, system administrators and amateur users to equal extent. Design. Application has 3 color schemes: one - for Windows 9x/ME/2k/XP and two - for Windows XP style. Also with Windows 9x/ME you have an opportunity to use flat controls. Custom Speed Limit for each task.

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