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Get Roulette Lucky Number Generator by to make your roulette gameplay more systematic! Roulette LNG is a special tool for online roulette players which generates personal lucky numbers recommended for player to bet on in the gameplay. To get your lucky numbers you must follow such steps: Install the toolbar 1. Choose "Add to Firefox" at a special Firefox add-on page to install Roulette Lucky Number Generator in your browser. 2. Restart the Firefox. 3. Customize navigation toolbar by right-click of your mouse. Put tick against Roulette LNG Toolbar to activate it or remove tick to disable the toolbar. 4. Also switch off/on the Roulette LNG toolbar using special quick access icon. Use Roulette LNG 1. Input some personal data including your name, nickname, gender, and the birthday date. Simply type your name and nickname (middle name, surname and any other name) in the corresponding fields and use drop-down menus to select gender and the date of your birthday. 2. Choose the date (day, month and year) of the gameplay using special drop-down menu. You can select current date as well as generate lucky numbers for any other date of the gameplay. 3. Use "Go" button to get the results generated. 4. Get 7 lucky numbers that are successful for you at roulette table. 5. Click "Clear" to start generating over again.


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