Program VDialPro Full Version 5.3

Network and Internet
Dial-up Networking Dialers


This is a multifunction program for substitution of standard Dialer Windows 95/98/NT. The program is elaborated for being applied by several users, each of them having his own name and access password for the web of Internet, and for any amount of connections. Each user can run his own statistics of time spent in the Internet and, if necessary, of his money expenditures according to any tariff rate for every day of the week. The program has several service functions, including: Network functions: Daytime, Finger, Ping, automatic check-up of three POP3 mailboxes, graphic analyzer of communication channels, Whois tools. Not network functions are: triggering of exterior programs, flexible customization of the interface, inspection of safety of the encrypted passwords, timers, acoustic effects, built-in telephone with a quick dialing-set for 10 numbers, launching capability from a diskette (with conservation of data on it) and many others.


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