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The POLYWAP Mobile Phone Studio is a fantastic, fun, easy, fast and cheap way to send polyphonic ringtones to any compatible handset via wap to over 200 Countries assessable worldwide. With 500 massive amount and range of polyphonic ringtones and up to 5000 more available to download from www.phonesoft.tv the possibilities are endless. Keeping your phone with all the up to date, great sounding tones or sending tones to friends and family across the globe. There's hours of fun in this box. Polywap mobile studio once completed will have 5000 polyphonic ringtones with over 26 categories, which include… CARTOONS & GAMES, CLASSICAL, COUNTRY, DANCE, DRUM & BASS, GARAGE, GOLDEN OLDIE'S, GOSPEL, HIP-HOP, JAZZ, MOVIES & TV, NATIONAL ANTHEMS, POP & ROCK, RAGGA, RNB, SPECIAL OCCASIONS, SPORTS... Plus more foreign categories like ASIAN, CHINESE, DUTCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN, JAPANESE, KOREAN, MALAYSIAN and TURKISH!!!


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