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Plug and Browse is the ideal tool for mobile users who need to have quick access to the internet from different locations without having to manually reconfigure their Network Connection. You simply need to configure your Network Connection once for each specific location. Plug and Browse stores all the information required to connect to the internet and restores it with the click of a button. If you use your laptop at home and at the office, Plug and Browse makes connecting to the internet a snap. Plug and Browse captures and restores the following information: - TCP/IP Network Connection Settings for LAN or High Speed Internet - IP Settings - DNS - WINS - Internet Connection Sharing - Internet Connection Firewall with port mappings - Enable/Disabled state of Network Adapter - Internet Explorer Settings (5.x and higher) - Outlook Express Connection Settings (5.x and higher) - Windows Messenger Connection Settings - Mapped Network Drives - Computer Name and Domain or Workgroup - Dialing Location - Default Printer - Time Zone - Windows Hosts file


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