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The software "Payview" promotes the unique opportunities for establishing "pay-per-view" video conferencing. Everything that you earn remains at yours. You pay for a program license just one time only. Monthly payments are excluded. You are able to embrace the maximal range of internet audience (up to 100%). PayPal compatible! The first application of Payview software is: 1. Chargeable online consulting of the customers for physicians, lawyers and any other qualified specialists. 2. Commercial education. 3. Commercial show of the live content. *The applications of the program are not restricted by the above mentioned areas. The software Payview can find its application for any kind of real-time broadcasting that is related to commercial prupose on the basis of pay-per-time principle. The main advantage of the program Payview is the mentioned above ability to accept payments for broadcasting video and audio streams, as well as text chat.New ActiveX Version 2.0!

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