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A wicked MP3 sharing program. Creates an enormous virtual library of MP3s for you to download free, allowing you to find MP3s on ANY other Napster user's hard drive. Join the MP3 community. For Windows 95, 98, 2000, or NT.--RECENTLY ADDED IN BETA 8: Exclude Option to Napster Search. Just use a minus sign (-) before any terms you would like to leave out of your search results. If you want to exclude more than one term, make sure to use the minus sign (-) before each of those terms. Also added is a Rename function in the My Files area so you can change the names of your MP3 and WMA files from within Napster. Just right-click on a file name within the My Files area, select 'Rename File,' and then type in the new file name. (Notice that you do not need to retype the .MP3 or .WMA extension after the file name. The extension will be added automatically.)--NEW IN BETA 9: Click on the CDNOW button that has been added to the application to conveniently purchase music of your choice.

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