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Easy to use real time web site monitoring software for all your personal or professional internet/intranet web site monitoring needs. Advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) simplifies the inputs of URLs to monitor, the failure criteria, and failure actions enabling you to START monitoring in minutes! Supports Windows, Linux, and Mac OS (Other versions available by special request). This utility allows you to monitor all of your critical intranet/internet websites (monitoring includes verifying the full network connection and the web server/service ability to process and return requested URLs) by acting as an easily programmable HTTP client using either HTTP or HTTPS to access a specific URL (both GET or POST requests supported). Monitoring is sequential with cookies support which allows you to submit initial one time login requests then repeatedly check other resources which required the initially retrieved session token (cookie). A list of failure conditions can be programmed for each web site which include: Fail if NO RESPONSE from web server, Fail if slow response (adjustable value), Fail if response data size is >, <, or = a specified value, Fail if response data contains or does not contain specified text value(s), Fail if response data hash code has changed (quick static content check). If a failure occurs you can be immedietly be notified via. e-mail/cellphone, or you can have MonitorWeb perform various automatic failure actions (such as launch an external program, or just log the activity) and then allow it to continue monitoring. A real-time color coded display is available to view current state of all URLs being monitored. Additionally, average response times for each site is also maintained.


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