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http://microvpn.com For any questions or troubleshooting please email us: support@microvpn.com Access pc behind router! NO router configuration! Access your work or friends pc's files, map network drives, in "Lan" like environment. Secure private: VoIP, fileshare, network games, database connections, and more, with all pc's that you connect to MicroVPN. No port blocking or filtering. All protocols allowed (ftp, http, windows shares, ...) Internet Privacy: Hide your IP address! Remote control any machine on your MicroVPN network with any remote software that you choose. Online Storage: Store and access files on our servers. Play/stream online music and movies stored remotely in your account on our servers or work/home/friends pc's. No install needed, just run MicroVPN. You will be prompted to enter the username and password that MicroVPN will provide for you. Please email support@microvpn.com to setup your full account and payment options. This will create a vpn connection on your pc allowing you to access our servers and any other pc that you will connect. You can find MicroVPN connection in Control Panel/Network Connections and in tray bar. There you can choose to see your ip address (under Status/Details/Client IP address 133.233.x.x) and also to disconnect. Every pc connected is supplied with a different ip address. In this way you can run MicroVPN on any pc that you want to access remotely. How to use: Run MicroVPN on the server and the client pc. Connect from the client to the server pc like in a lan environment. example: \\server ip ftp://server ip http://server ip telnet server ip etc... Before you connect please check your pc for worms and viruses, disable firewall on MicroVPN connection or add exceptions for the software that you plan to use. http://microvpn.com/


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