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MediaSnooper is a personal system for indexing and searching for files in a local network. Local networks are a great source of various information. And it’s sometimes very difficult to find something important in a large network. MediaSnooper can be very useful in this case. The search is carried out by an index database, so the time of showing results reduces to fractions of a second. Special features for finding mp3 files are supported. You can specify additional criteria and filters for the search query, and sort search results by different parameters. For example, you can specify in the query that you want to find a list of new mp3 or avi files that appeared in the network within the past week. A built-in download manager makes the downloading of files and folders you find much easier as it dynamically traces the availability of the remote resource. It supports resuming interrupted downloads and synchronizing finished downloads with remote sources. Main features: - indexing the resources of your local network in background mode - searching by filename, using wildcards - searching by additional information stored in mp3 files (ID3 tags): artist, track title, album - many additional search criteria and filters: file size, length of audio record, modification date, date of inclusion into index, bit rate, etc. - sorting search results by different parameters - visual indication of current state of the resource (available\unavailable) - a built-in navigator that allows viewing indexed resources of the local network in a convenient way - complete support of Unicode - a built-in download manager that allows downloading separate files and entire folders, and resumes uncompleted downloads when it has access to the remote resource - the download manager also allows organizing easy synchronization of local folders with shared folders on other computers

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