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MUNAX includes technologies like: Distribution and massive parallelism, Encryption, Redundancy and fail- over. It also includes new technologies like: Single console management for huge clusters, the GAX database, Mchannel, Equalizer ranking, Private siteSearch. To mention a few.Put together, these technologies enables MUNAX to deliver the highest possible performance and the best data mining experience when sampling/indexing and querying.With MUNAX you can forget the struggle with organizing your documents. The same goes for objects like html links and directory entries for images, movie files, sound files, executables, compressed files and email addresses. You can spread the data freely on your hard disks, your local area network or on the world wide web.MUNAX will find the data for you.MUNAX is designed for limiting vulnerability. You can have all your documents encrypted and also set rules on which machines & users that may access the database. This way, your data is secured and can never be accessed by hackers.With the Twin Server system, you can setup two machines at two different locations and with the Twin System, i.e. two parallel systems with N machines in each, you can even spread your system over multiple machines at multiple locations over the internet. A terrorist may bomb away several of your machines but your data will still be safe.


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