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Heroix today added iPad support to its Longitude application and network performance monitoring software in addition to Longitude's Mobile UI. With increasing employee mobility and the continued popularity of Apple devices, as well as other smartphones and mobile devices, adding support for monitoring IT performance remotely is a natural evolution in today's business world. Cell phone alerts, which were the norm for mobile access to IT performance information until now, only provided notice that there was a problem somewhere; you still had to get to a computer to see the detailed data. Unlike other mobile interfaces for remote IT monitoring that were purchased from third-party developers and cobbled together with a company's basic monitoring software, Heroix developed mobile support specifically for Longitude. This insures that it is fully consistent with the company's premiere monitoring solution and avoids common third-party application problems such as instability, poor coding, or the need to integrate interfaces. Dashboards present up-to-date summary and detailed information on the status of applications, servers, networks, and VMware. The visual displays make it faster for IT system administrators or business users to see, in a single glance, any threats to continuous IT services. The dashboards offer information in easy-to-understand, color-coded pie charts. With this quick view, administrators can easily determine which IT resources may be approaching performance thresholds or if there has been a failure. Users can then drill down, just by swiping the iPad, for specific data in areas that may be experiencing performance issues. This ease-of-use, speed, and visual clarity help to quickly diagnose problems and keep systems running smoothly. Longitude monitors a broad range of platforms (Microsoft Windows, Red Hat, SuSE, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris and VMware) and categories (OS, Web, database, messaging, network, infrastructure, and user and business metrics).

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