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A 32 bit console (not GUI) SMTP/POP3 server and post office. As well as receiving mail via SMTP, JSMail will also retrieve mail from a POP3 account, and attempt to deliver it to the intended recipient. The program also offers a finger server which will either respond with a list of valid users or the finger text for a given user, depending on how it was called. The program also offers limited auto-response facilities in that mail for a particular user ( mailsrv by default) is treated as a request. The actual response is determined by the subject of the mail and a corresponding data file is returned to the requestor. Optionally, this data file can be generated at the time by calling a given executable, and also optionally, the original request can be forwarded to a given user. JSMail can be installed as a service under WindowsNT ™. There is also the option to remotely control the server via telnet or the supplied command-line executable.

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