Internet Research Scout Plug-In for Internet Explorer

Network and Internet
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Handy Internet Explorer plug-in especially designed for online research and easy way to save information from the Internet. The plug-in is capable of capturing HTML snippets from web-pages (including images) and organizing them for a handy storage and navigation. The program can form bibliographies of various styles, create digests and other types of reports. In addition, it can be used to edit, print or send the captured snippet via e-mail or work with them in MS Word. When saving a snippet, the plug-in automatically extracts all available information from meta-tags: keywords, description, information about author(s), contacts, copyright information and other data. The name and the URL of a website are recorded as well. Finding a saved snippet is very easy. A thumbnail is created for each piece; multiple categories and tree-like folder structure can be used to store snippets. The plug-in integrates itself into Internet Explorer to make using it more convenient. Plug-in appears as Explorer Bar in Internet Explorer so you can use it with easy.

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