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How often have you found yourself browsing the Internet and coming across a word phrase or product that you want to find out more about? Maybe you're interested in purchasing the product and want to compare prices across the Net or researching the word or phrase on Google or Wikipedia? Wouldn't it be nice if you could just right-click on the word, phrase or product, right there and then and perform a web search using your favourite providers? Well now you can with the help of GoFor-It a ground breaking new FREE tool for Internet Explorer that will help transform the way that you search the Internet. GoFor-It allows you to hover over a single word link or highlighted text on virtually any web page and from a single right-click of your mouse, perform a web search for your selected text on many of the most popular web sites on the Internet for example Google eBay Amazon Facebook YouTube Twitter and many more. GoFor-It's functionality doesn't stop there! GoFor-It even lets you perform Multi-Provider web searches for your selected text ideal for when you want to compare product prices across multiple web sites. You don't even need to pre-select text to be able to use the Multi-Provider web search capabilities of GoFor-It. Simply launch the search options form type in the text that you want to search select your providers and click to perform your search. That's all there is to it! Play the movie opposite to watch GoFor-It in action. You will soon be wondering how you ever coped without it.


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