Flypage Automated Web Site Backup Utility

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  • Developer: Web Marketing Services Inc.
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  • License type: Commercial
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A Windows ftp program that automates the complete backup process for web site owners. You can schedule all your critical web files to be downloaded to your local pc either in an hourly schedule or on selective days of the week. Threedifferent modes of backup assure you that you will have the proper generation/version on your pc for either safety protection or to give you the files where and when you need them to process them locally. This windows 95 based program is simple to use and will give you the piece of mind that your important files are properly backed up. Confirmation of the successful backup is emailed to you in either a summary or detailed report. This program also will meet your total needs for live file upload and download to/from you web site - THE PERFECT FTP PROGRAM for every web site owner.

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