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The EMCO Remote Desktop 1.0 is a network administration tool that allows a machine to connect and interact with a host machine. Full control of the system is possible with common interactions such as sending keystrokes and mouse commands. This allows the client machine complete control over the host machine. For NT/W2K/XP systems it will automatically install the client remotely. But Win9x systems need to execute a installation package. Features available: Automatic install of Remote Service of NT/W2k/XP Install setup for Windows 95/98/ME Display notification at Remote end who is connecting Builds a tree of computers of the LAN Ask user for permission View Only Mode Color Depth - 8 bit - 16 bit Disable Remote Inputs Lock Workstation on Connect Connect only at logon prompt Uninstall service on disconnect Stop Service on disconnect Option to set requirement for Workstation Group membership Option to set Username and Password or use Current Credentials Auto refresh interval for remote screen display


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