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Download-Speeder is a download-manager, i.e. a program, that downloads files from the internet. The great advantage of Download-Speeder in comparison with your browser is the fact, that you can resume downloads with Download-Speeder. So, if you are disconnected during the download of a file, you can resume again, where the download stopped. Download-Speeder is integrated into all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape 4.x / 6.x, Opera), so each click on a download will be detected and automatically sent to Download-Speeder. Additional features are a speed limit to reduce the used bandwidth of your internet-connection (useful if you want to surf the web during download), automatic virus-scan of downloaded files, grabbing urls from clipboard, skins to change the design of Download-Speeder and multiple languages (currenty english, spanish, german and polish are supported).

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