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Have you ever met this problem when you're using MSN Messenger: Cannot audio chat or video chat directly with your friend when you or your friend are behind NATs. If you find this is very annoying, then DirectTalk for MSN Messenger maybe a solution for you. A NAT device usually sits between private network and public network. If your PC has a private IP address, then it must be behind a NAT device. Under this situation, MSN Messenger or Windows Messenger usually has trouble when using audio chat or video chat features except your NAT device provider has handled it. MSN Messenger DirectTalk makes it possible to talk with anyone using MSN Messenger voice chat or video chat even when behind NATs where attempts to talk using voice & video chat usually fail. The program will benefit notebook users much since they often bring notebook from here to there. Since not all of NAT devices can support MSN Messenger applcation, they can't make a voice chat if the notebook is behind a NAT without supporting MSN Messenger. However, If the notebook is installed with DirectTalk for MSN Messenger, then it can make MSN Messenger audio & video chats behind any NAT devices. The program of DirectTalk for MSN Messenger can detect the network enviroment automatically where your PC is located in and tell you whether you need to enable DirectTalk to make a MSN Messenger voice talk or video talk. The software can be installed on Windows 2000 and Windows XP platform, and it has a 21 days trial period. The registration fee for it is $24.95.


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