DUN Manager

Network and Internet
Dial-up Networking Dialers


A Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 and 2000 application designed to simplify and enhance Dial-Up Networking. Features include single click connection start-up and hang-up of a connection defined by time or day of week, monitoring in a call status window of up to eight simultaneous connections or ISDN channels including those started by other applications, aflashing icon while online, automatic disconnection options to avoid remaining online by accident (including playing sounds), reconnection for dropped calls but stopping at a specified time (ie 8am) or after a specified period, hang-up may be delayed until just before the next call cost increment, timed reconnection to drop and redial a call after aspecified period (where short calls are free), alternate numbers on busy, auto dial support from browsers, a scheduler for automated connections and tasks, detailed connection activity logs for problem finding, session logs with about 50 different call details including cost and data volumes (which may be exported to Excel for further analysis), session reports with several sub reports (telecom costs, ISP usage, successful and failed connections, and windows user), logging of non-RAS calls (such as fax), keep alive, call status and hang-up available remotely using a browser, call waiting re-enable after connection, PC clock setting, program launching, a performance graph showing data flow speeds, and various diagnostics including Trace Route, Ping Host, Finger and Address Look-Up. DUN Manager includes telephone tariffs for 45 different countries, with 121 tariffs from 29 UK operators. DUN Manager may be purchased with single or site licenses.


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