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Join the largest, most diverse online community of webcam lovers in history by downloading and installing DGWConnect. It's fun, simple, free, and available for Windows users. Personal Videochat using real-time video. - Multipoint Videochat - Conference with up to six other people using real-time video, voice and text. - Group Text Chat - Chat with as many people in your personal password protected room at one time as you like using text chat. - Pal Lists - The perfect way to find your new friends without having to search through the directory. - Quick Messages - Instant Message your friends with voice, video and text. Rooms: Several different rooms for people of different interests. Navigating from room to room is an easy way to find new friends because each room has a directory that lists all of the people in the room, their location and a comment - Video mail including HTML templates for streaming video. Send V-Mail to your friends and family. - Create your personal rooms using our unlimited DCS servers. - ICQ Enabled - Chat with your favorite friends and see the online status of ICQ users. - Do Not Disturb & Hidden mode for personal privacy. - Internet Radio including the DGWConnect ShoutRadio™ - Real enabled - Broadcasting over the Internet using DGWConnect. - Powerfull search engine Available in your personal language. - Video Spy.to upload pictures and snap-shots to your personal website. - Installation Wizard and great image quality. - File explorer on the Internet, share your files over the Internet. - Personal email account including DGWConnect UID number.

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