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Cache Banish for Internet Explorer will assist in reclaiming lost disk space due to the vast collection of image, text and sound files collecting in the Internet Explorer Cache folders. The clean up built in to Internet Explorer only deletes a portion of those files. Cache Banish will kill the rest of them for you at the touch of a button. Key Features: Speed - The Cache Banish will clean up the extra baggage faster than you can by hand. Conventional methods requires some windows tricks to do a thorough job and Cache Banish automates this for you; Easy to Use - The Cache Banish makes it easy. Just open the program and click a few buttons and it's done; Free up Lost Space; Six additional user defined buttons for other cache folders and temporary file folders; Ability to clear out Typed In URL lists from Internet Explorer; One button cache killing of all or selected cache folders and other cache items such as history and typed in URLs.


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