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Bopup Secure Messenger is a feature-packed secure instant messenger that enables you also to communicate with other users connected across the same LAN, similar to WinPopup, net send and etc. <br> <br> It introduces a new level of functionality, possibilities and security. Bopup Secure Messenger has improved user interface, emotions support, enhanced Message History and reliable file transfer interface. <br> <br> Bopup Secure Messenger uses 128-bit dynamic key to encode all outgoing messages and transmitted files. This key is generated every time during sending of data that increases a security of your correspondence. <br> <br> Bopup Secure Messenger is designed for those administrators and managers who want to support WinPopup, net send, receive and send messages and files to Bopup Messenger and Bopup Observer, support Network Groups. But at the same time to exchange encoded messages and files with other users who use Bopup Secure Messenger. <br> <br> In addition to basic communication options, Bopup Secure Messenger also offers you the following: <br> * Encoding of all messages and files using 128-bit dynamic key <br> * Ignore list, which blocks messages from the users added to this list <br> * Quick, direct access list to the users you talk to most <br> * Group support for different groups within the same LAN <br> * Message history <br> * Automatic answering system for when you are not at your PC, and a quick answers list <br> * My Groups <br> * File Transfer <br> * Command line interface <br> * Scan function. It lets to display all logged users, computers and domains on the local network <br> <br> If you have Bopup Communication Server on your local network, you will receive Network Groups list that was assigned to you by system administrator or manager. Also you will be able to send messages if recipient is currently not available online and receive all messages that were sent to you when you was offline.


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