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W3SQL 1.0 W3SQL Query Tool 1.0 is a complete and full featured web-based query tool. It connects all your users directly to multiple enterprise databases, securely, regardless of database size, hardware, operating system, or location. It includes support for DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access and Sybase. With W3SQL 1.0, both developers and end users can easily put enterprise databases to work using most popular Web browsers. Viewing, downloading, or importing query results is equally easy. Special Offer The Beta Version of W3SQL 1.0 is available for download. Please contact us to setup the partnership program. On successful completion of the Beta Program, you will earn a free license. W3SQL Features Quick and Simple to use Very quickly and easily displays table in your database Allows you to create and run queries easily Works with many different databases Works on most of the popular operating systems No Installation necessry for the end users. There is no Code on the client Reduces the cost of ownership and maintenance of the connectivity software Honours the RDBMS level security and access control Allows users to save and reuse the SQL Statements on the local machine or the server

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