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e-Xpressor Real MIDI Accompaniment Maker is designed for people who want to compose songs and play accompaniments by ear with a computer and sound card, as well as for all people who love music and wish to educate of ear to music. The main features of the program: * No knowledge of notate, chord names, keys etc. are required. * Parses structure of melody and automatically recognizes its key and harmony. * Generates chords for each bar of the tune and writes its in separate MIDI channel. * Creates also several chords which can be used as replacements in each bar of composiotion. * Offers convenient accompaniment edit interface permitting to change the chord progression by ear. * Offers accompaniment styles for guitar or piano depending on the musical characteristics of the tune. * Auto-arranger mode. * Supports MIDI and XPR files. * Supports General MIDI Set. Minimum melody requirements for auto-accompaniment making: a) the tune must be single-voiced. b) the tune should not be short: it is better, if it contains not less than 8 bars. c) the tune should not be too primitive (no on five notes).

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