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ePlum GetPictures! converts any printable document into raster images of BMP/GIF/JPG formats. ePlum GetPictures! emulates your system printer and creates a raster images similar to printed page preserving your printer properties (page layout, color settings etc). Then you can send them via e-mail or save them as files. You can quick and easy create a raster copy of: AutoCAD drawing; PageMaker publication; Adobe Acrobat Reader file; MS Word document; MS Excel sheet; ArchiCAD project; WordPad document; Microsoft Visual C++; Borland Delphi; …and files of other programs that have no good embedded rasterizing tools; ePlum GetPictures! consists of: ePlum Printer. It is virtual printer that emulates your system one. When you want to create a raster copy of your work file you have to print to ePlum Printer. ePlum Agent. It bands all the parts of the program, controls interaction ePlum GetPictures! with your system and makes diagnostics. You need not to run it especially. It loads automatically when you send the document to ePlum Printer.


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