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djDecks is a computer mixing program for both professional dj's and people that want to start dj'ing. You can use your mp3, ogg, wma and wav files for mixing, and you can easily find and sort them using the file browser. djDecks has various dsp effects, such as a 3-band equalizer, advanced looping and echo (with low and hi-pass cutoff filters), automatic beat detection, flanger, gapper, normalizer and a spectrum analyzer per channel. It's also possible to use external VST plugins to add more effects. Pre-listening can be done through the rear-out of a 3d-soundcard, split left and right channels of a regular soundcard or with a second sound card. You can also use soundcards with ASIO drivers, for lowest latency. You can use djDecks with an external mixer as well (with rear/front out, 2 sound cards or 2 ASIO outputs). All extra song data (such as its bpm, title, artist, cue points ...) is stored in a ID3v2 tag for mp3 files or in a vorbis tag for ogg files. You can save your mixes as a mp3, wav or ogg file so you can listen to them at a later time. It is also possible to use the shoutcast or oddcast plugin to stream live on the internet. Other features include storing cue-points for each song, editing ID3 tags, 4 pitch ranges from +-8% up to +-100% and more! External controllers that are supported include the Hercules DJ Console, the EKS XP10 controller, the Behringer BCD-2000 as well as any generic MIDI controller.

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