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Often called the Swiss army knife of audio, dMC can digitally rip sound from audio CDs to a multitude of formats. Convert from one format to another while preserving ID tags. Nearly every audio type is supported, including MP3, MP4, Windows Media Audio (WMA), OGG Vorbis, AAC, Monkey's Audio, and FLAC (with optional installs from Codec Central). Windows Explorer integration. Right-click convert to and pop-up information for audio files (such as bit rate and length). Record from LPs with auxiliary input. Version 11.5 updates MP3 decoder: freeform MP3 files supported, correct reading of all MP2 and MP1 files. Lame MP3 tag reading (will show profile used or encode in pop-up information). MP3 lame compression self converts incoming data to correct format (i.e. MP3 is only 2 channel, might be passing 6 channel audio) shouldn't now be possible to get an MP3 encoder to fail.

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