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MIDI Editor & Librarian for ALL XG gears especially for SW1000XG * Remote Control Interface: Edit your XG gear directly via your MIDI keyboard even if another program isactive - you haven't seen it before * XG-Mapper: Transform Controller in real time into SysEx messages * User Definable Color Interface: Use your preferred colors & background pattern * Small (min.800*600) & Big Mode (min.1024*768) Big: about 460! knobs (Small: 433!) without any preselection plus div. graphical objects on just one screen! * Integrated MIDI Player with loop, cycle etc. * Voice Selector with search & remote control functions * Special editors for plug-in modules in preparation: PLG100-VH already implemented * Integrated Drum Editor, Range Editor etc. * And lots of other useful functions. * All updates are free of charge! * Made by the author of XG-Gold

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