Video Mail Express

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It allows you to create your own video mail and send it by E-mail or downloading from web server. It is very easy to use, thanks to its intuitive interface, and you can create all sorts of video by selecting one theme from many types of themes we provide. It has its own mail program so that you can send it away as soon as you create your video. Main Features : (1) Executable without a specific program: It compresses video and voice into Self Executable File so that recipients of Videomail Express will not need a specific program to open the mail. By using 4Csoft's state of the art voice and video compression technology, Videomail Express will be created as small as possible so that you will nothave a problem to send it by E-mail or save it into disk.(2). Themes for every occasions: At Birthday,Christmas,Thanks Giving Day and every occasion you can name. You can create your very own videomail by selecting our Skins accordingly to send it to your friends and families.


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