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Frame accurate edit your MPEG2 videos 10x faster without loosing quality. Solve MPEG2 video/audio sync issues quickly and reliably. If you are using any MPEG2 videos on your PC, VideoReDo is the quickest way to easily edit your favorite videos. Perfect for quickly cutting and joining your videos and corrects the effects of dropped frames when burning DVDs from TV, noisy video tapes and other synchronization problems. With VideoReDo - QuickEdit you save time easily editing broadcasts captured from digital cable, satellite TV, and native video MPEG2 cameras. Unique scrubbing and navigation tools are customizable to suit your own style of video editing with a wide variety of course-grained and fine-grained editing tools. A full compliment of logical keyboard commands permit editing by those who prefer keyboard control or want to edit via their home-theater remote control. Customizable mouse wheel support makes for simple frame by frame jogging. VideoRedo - QuickEdit has a unique manual and automatic re-sync capability that can re-synchronize the audio and video of your source program streams. For free trial; download now.


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