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Ultra-Dvd2Mp3 is a DVD Audio Ripper. it provides a simple, fast method to extract DVD audio and save as Mp3 format. Just a few clicks, you are able to grab a DVD audio tracks and save them into mp3 file. it's not only a tool of DVD to Mp3, but also a DVD Audio Player How to use Ultra DVD to Mp3 : Open a DVD by press Open DVD button Select DVD's chapter you want to convert Select DVD's audio track you want to convert Setting Mp3's encoding parameters Convert DVD audio track to mp3 by press Convert button. Software Features: 1. Powerful mp3 encoding engine for DVD audio streams 2. Support all audio streams 3. Convert each DVD chapter audio to single or seperate files 4. DVD driver auto detected 5. DeCSS, no region restriction 6. Convert DVD Audio to WAV or Mp3

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