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TUNEBITE = QUAD-SPEED-RECORDING AND DIGITAL QUALITY SUPPORT Tunebite works with High Speed Digital Dubbing to achieve a four-fold improvement in recording speed, and to enable users to save recordings as digital quality WMA, OGG and MP3 files for private use. Tunebite supports the recording of protected music & audiobook files in WMA, AAC, AA, M4B and M4P formats. Another function is Tunebite’s "virtual soundcard" - users can listen to music undisturbed with the PC's actual soundcard while Tunebite is recording another track in the background using the virtual soundcard. Copy one music track or audio book —listen to another at the same time. TUNEBITE KEEPS USERS ON THE LEGAL SIDE OF COPYRIGHT LAW US and European lawmakers have ruled that copying computer files clearly marked as copy-protected is a violation of copyright law. Subsequent decisions have also clarified that re-recording music tracks to create copies for private use is an exception to this ruling. Tunebite uses this legal loophole to relieve legitimate music consumers from the often-frustrating limitations created by copy-protection formats. + Automatically records copy-protected music & audio books while it is being played on the PC + Automatically saves recordings in unprotected, digital quality MP3, OGG and WMA formats + Leverages High Speed Digital Dubbing for quad-speed recording + Supports listening to other music during the recording process + Automatically configures recording levels and devices + Supports automatically recording large volumes of music + ID3 tag compatible + Records using the standard volume level of the entire music collection + Allows music tracks to be saved in various folders based on artist and album + Searches the complete PC for protected music files. TUNEBITE IS LEGAL AND WORDWIDE NO.1 - SOMEONE WHO SAY SOMETHING ELSE IS A PROGRAMMER OF A WORSER TOOL. BUILD YOUR OWN OPINION WITH A FREE TESTDRIVE


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