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Toonworks Deluxe is a comprehensive children's drawing program that mixes learning with laughter. As their creations develop, your children will be delighted with the zany graphics and sound effects that follow them every step of the way. And... unlike first generation drawing applications, Toonworks Deluxe includes easy-to-use features that are found only in professional illustration and publishing tools that grown-ups use. Toonworks Deluxe features: * Hundreds of clipart images that can be used to create billions of character combinations * 100 professionally-designed, original cartoon characters to help get you started * 50 project wizards to instantly create posters, calendars, greeting cards, placemats and pages * "Distort-O-Matic" tools that twist, turn and stretch characters for hilarious effects * Special effects drawing tools for electrifying, exploding, squashing, spinning and splatting cartoon masterpieces * Options for saving projects to industry standard formats for use in other applications and on the web including BMP, EMF, EMF+, JPEG, PNG & WMF * Support for importing image file formats used by digital cameras, scanners and the web an e-mail facility for sending creations to friends & family * Format support for our Inkshop Design Studio Toonworks Deluxe is designed to make it easy for any child to learn the fundamentals of computer illustration. And best of all... it's fun!


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