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MS DirectShow based software (Win2000/XP only) for watching and recording video and/or audio or snapshots from tv-tuner or video-in cards (such as AverMedia TV Phone, LifeView FlyVideo98, ATI All in wonder, ASUS Deluxe Combo and many others). Main features: Frame resolution - up to 768x576 and you can use any compression codec installed for avi video recording or capture video/audio into mpeg file. Internal scheduler. Still images capturing on timer or hot key pressing into BMP,JPEG or GIF files. Audio recording into wav or mp3 files. Channels scanning. Skins. Individual settings for each channel. Hot keys and command-line switches.Resizeable video window with different styles. Start and stop video capturing in predefined time. Extended capture statistics. Playing captured avi or wav file. Saving all settings. Can work without tv window (as FM tuner). Language pack's. Video deinterlace filter. Closed caption decoder. Mpeg recorder. Requirements: Software: Windows 2000 or later DirectX 8.0 or later Tuner card WDM driver installed ( BT8x8 WDM drivers tweaked by Ivan Uskov or Eduardo Jose Tagle recommended for Closed Caption and FM-radio support on bt8x8 based tuner cards) Honestech mpeg-encoder filter (for mpeg capturing) Hardware: Pentium 200 MMX processor for preview only, Celeron 466Mhz for 320x240 with mjpeg video and uncompressed audio capturing and celeron 733 + defragmented UDMA66 hard drive for 640x480 with mjpeg video and mp3 audio capturing. PCI or AGP DirectX compatible graphic adapter card. TV Tuner or Video input PCI card with WDM driver installed. Sound card.


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