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SilverFast DC VLT is great for ambitious hobby photographers and allows them to directly modify the original data captured – among standards such as JPEG and TIFF - producing images with superior high quality, white balance and maximum detail. RAW images are often referred to as "Digital Negatives" by photographers due to the maximum dynamic range they contain. Accessing the RAW image before conversion into formats like JPEG and TIFF allows users to adjust the color balance, saturation, smoothness and sharpness instead of using the camera’s automatic settings. The Virtual Light Table VLT is an essential work base for photographers who like to organize, manage and review images in an easy way. Like in a real darkroom, you can archive your photos, provide the images with comments, create albums and contact sheets of the complete view port and produce or print single pictures in high resolution and in variable sizes. The user also benefits from the Graphical User Interface (GUI) which is adjustable either individually or via presets as well as from the color temperature regulation, the exposure adjustment and the Red-Eye-Correction. Numerous online QuickTime Movies can be started as a guide tutorial about SilverFast DC VLT. Why SilverFast DC? Work like a Pro x Control the workflow x Use the full potential of the camera's raw format x Apply SilverFast's professional color correction x Enhance your image quality x Generate printable files x Make use of many cameras x Work on Mac or PC. For all listed cameras SilverFast also fully supports Adobe DNG as an input format. If a camera is not listed as supported, not all camera information might be present in the DNG file. Still, such DNG files can of course be read and processed by SilverFast.

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