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Screen Demo Make (S-Demo) is a powerful tool help you create demo movie of computer operations with voice. Screen Demo Maker can record the screen, the mouse operations and the voice of user together to one movie file.With Screen Demo Maker, you can create your demo easily! To compress the information, Screen Demo Maker using the best compression algorithms for both screen and audio.The compression ratio is higher than other same softwares.By using of our special algorithm, the movie size could be controled under 64-128Kbps(800x600 screen). A binded player with flexible function can replay the movie with high quality.The player also support internet online playing with "http" or "ftp" protocals.The player was a ActiveX control, so developers can insert the movie into their programs. The main recorder can also be used as a server to provide realtime screen/audio broadcasting in LAN.This is a good news for classroom education.


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