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Samplitude Music Studio 14 is the top-grade solution for professional music production on your PC: Discover a unique range of functions and experience the easiest handling you've ever known for recording, editing, mixing, mastering, and publishing. Take full advantage of the numerous virtual instruments and unbeatable tools for trouble-free home recording, flexible arrangement and perfect sound design. • Multi-track recording – ideal for bands • Combined audio & MIDI sequencer • Easy handling with professional • Functions • Powerful studio effects • High-quality virtual instruments (powered by yellow tools) • Perfect control of all tracks • Mastering Suite • Luxury-class synthesizer • Advanced editing options • Podcast creation & upload • VST, ASIO, ReWire, DirectX® support NEW! Hybrid Audio Engine® Effect automation ?More instruments Revolta 2 VST MultiOut Power Chords, and much more... Multi-track recording and more Samplitude® Music Studio 14 is not just a highperformance sequencer, but is also the perfect companion for rehearsals. For those who want to hear their complete drum kit simultaneously will love the multiple track recording options: Simply activate the tracks you would like to record on and start. Besides intuitive audio editing Samplitude® Music Studio 14 offers especially strong MIDI tools for uncomplicated, precise arranging. NEW! Hybrid Audio Engine® With Samplitude® Music Studio 14 you have access to outstanding means to achieve perfect home recording! The integrated Hybrid Audio Engine® offers a new dimension in professional music production: The combination of the Low Latency Engine and the classic Samplitude® playback engine enables minimum latency at maximum performance.

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