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This program is designed to improve the quality of photos taken with cameraphones. STOIK Cameraphone Enhancer uses sophisticated proprietary algorithm to analyze quality of photos and applies different sets of specially designed filters to process different types of photos. This approach guarantees that while photos with pronounced defects will be effectively corrected with powerful filtering, the good quality photos will be less affected. And the best of all, the program is fully AUTOMATIC. It is very important to keep in mind that program is designed to correct typical defects found in cameraphone photos. Do not use it for processing high-quality hi-res graphics and photos. Please see below the description of types of images and defects which should be processed with this program. Operation --------- Thanks to the fully automatic algorithm, the interface of the program is very simple - you have just few necessary buttons to open, save, view, zoom and pan photos, one 'Enhance' button to apply enhancement processing, buttons for Undo/Redo and for moving to next or previous image in folder. The operation is very simple - click Open to load photo, click 'Enhance', then click Save, and if necessary, click Next button to load next image file from the folder. Help section of the program gives you advise on what types of photos can be enhanced with the program. What photos can be enhanced --------------------------- Typical defects which are corrected by STOIK Cameraphone Enhancer: Color defects: - low contrast - color disbalance - poor white balance - insufficient brightness - low frequency color artifacts Color defects are corrected without amplification of noise. Noise defects - CCD noise - JPEG-induced blocking and noise amplification - moire defects such as linear noise patterns Noise defects are corrected without degradation of contour sharpness

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