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RGBmachine is professional award-winning photo editor. It lets you rotate, resize, crop, correct color and remove red-eye effect in the fastest way. RGBmachine represents new photo editing technology. There is no alternative when you preparing great number of digital photographs for printing on minilab or for publishing. In comparison to other photo-editing software, RGBmachine has following distinctive features: 1. Being fast sequential photo editor RGBmachine uses folder-to-folder strategy. RGBmachine puts all photos of input folder in a chain, where you normally edit photos one-by-one. 2. Instead of usual file-open and file-save dialogs, RGBmachine provides one and only Save/Next button. It saves current image and passes to the next one. Next image appears from cache instantly. 3. Usually when you rotate/crop an image, you move the crop area over a static image. This way originates from times when CPU-s where relatively weak, it is widespread and easier for coding. Today we can choose. In RGBmachine, you move the image underneath the crop area. This way is more natural, and let you control vertical and horizontal axis. 4. "Curves" is one of the best color-editing tool, unfortunately, not easiest. RGBmachine uses unique color correction engine to construct most appropriate color curves. All you need is let know which way you wish to change the color, brightness or contrast. 5. You do not need to control history in RGBmachine. Different kinds of actions are controlled independently; you can change or reset anything at any moment. What else? Best time to download the photo editor is NOW!

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