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Real2Virtual Modeller is a tool for generating 3D VRML models from digital-camera-images, graphical-images, or from free-hand line drawings. No special equipment is needed to use the program - and models may be generated even without a camera. Complex 24-bit colour texture-mapped models can be created by simply drawing around objects seen in the images, or by drawing freehand. Objects with sub-parts, complex shapes, and fine details can be modelled accurately and quickly. Over 120 cameras are now directly supported, and unsupported cameras can be used by following a simple calibration procedure. Models can be viewed using Real2Virtual Viewer (included), or published to the web as very compact VRML1.0 or VRML2.0/VRML97 files. The program is free to use for 60 days, and US$30 to register. The package includes 6 example projects, extensive documentation, and links to online resources. Registered users receive free online support.


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