Raintin Medta Capture Streaming Package

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Raintin Streaming is the software that can capture and live streaming with DV device control and supports many video capture encoding format in accordance with codec installed. Streaming and capturing simultaneously performs and supports maximum 4 cameras in one computer depending on the capability CPU and memory. In general, 2 or 3 HD cameras would be adequate when the computer has quad core with over 3.1GHz. These cameras can be plugged to your capture device watching CPU monitor included in Raintin Streaming package. Captured file can be sent to FTP server directly through network so that can link to media file server for on demand streaming. FTP client also included in this package installed with RTStream. When streaming, operator can verify playing video or music status in the view of the connected client player also included in this package. Followings are the specific feature Raintin Streaming package provides Feature - 2 way stream broadcasting (See related support page) ** Direct network streaming ** Windows Media Server streaming - simultaneous streaming with file capture(Max. 4 cameras in one computer) - supports most of capture cards (Decklink, Osprey, Matrox, Pinnacle Movieboard,


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