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Pro Studio Converter Plus is a fast, high quality mp3 Encoding and Decoding tool. Version 2.0 has been built around a completely different Encoding and Decoding engine. With this Converter you can convert your favorite MP3 files to WAV format or your favorite WAV files to MP3 format. And now you can Encode Mp3 files straight from your favorite CD's with the new ripping capabilities. This application allows you to easily load lists of files to Encodeor Decode. With the Encoder you can choose to set the Encoding priority, the Bitrate, the Steromode, and the Sample rate. You can also choose to set the mp3 tags during encoding or use the tag editor for current mp3 files. The unregistered version allows you to try out the full version 10 times. After that you only can Encode for 30 seconds and Decode for 20 seconds per file. Registration is 12.95.


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