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Incorporate your images into one password protected image viewer, slide show or a screen saver. Images are stored in the generated viewer or screen saver. Just run the generated executable and view your files just like your images are on your hard disk. You can delete your image files after a successful generation of the viewer. 100+ transition effects, supports 40+ image formats, easy to use and configurable Explorer like interface, copy, move, delete and view images within the program, project management and ability to import generated executables. Produced image viewer can zoom, export images out, edit and save as JPG/BMP and Targa. You can import images any time by PicShell or export your favorites from your generated viewer or screen saver. Your project files and PicShell itself can also be password protected. Highly configurable project options and program interface, full support for drag-n-drop, built in search utility and save your compilations as PicShell project files.

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