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PhotoAcute Studio improves the quality of photographs taken with digital cameras and camera phones. It increases resolution, reduces noise, removes chromatic aberrations, corrects brightness of overexposed and underexposed parts of the picture. Most modern digital cameras and some camera phones support the so-called "continuous shooting" or "burst" mode. PhotoAcute Studio is an application primarily developed for processing sets of digital photographs taken in "continuous mode" to produce high-resolution, low-noise pictures. You will get amazing image quality improvement without changing your camera. PhotoAcute Studio main features: * Larger picture with super-resolution - more pixels in the image. By applying state-of-the-art super-resolution algorithms, tuned to a particular camera, PhotoAcute Studio produces up to 4 times larger photographs. That is not the digital zoom - the photographs really have more pixels, thus giving you more details. Small, thin and far away objects, traceries, textures and inscriptions become recognizable. * Strong noise reduction without loosing the details. By correlating several snapshots, PhotoAcute Studio automatically reduces the noise on the photographs, without losing useful graphical information. * The details in underexposed and overexposed parts of an image become visible. * Color fringing correction. Every lens focuses light with different wavelengths on different positions. This causes chromatic aberration that is seen as "fringes" of color around the image. PhotoAcute corrects this aberration, minimizing the circle of confusion. * Removal of unneeded moving objects from the scene. * Fixing handshaking artifacts in low light conditions. Our time-unlimited free trial mode allows you to evaluate all image processing features.

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