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All you have to do is to install and setup MusicAnywhere server on a computer where your songs reside. Setting up of MusicAnywhere server consists of adding files to playlist (you can import Winamp playlist too) and specifying your LoginID. Logon to your MusicAnywhere Server from a web browser and select your favourite songs from play list. If your Server computer has a dynamic IP Address MusicAnywhere can even email you the IP Address to the specified email address. Worried about bandwidth and slow connections, forget it, MusicAnywhere is power packed with Adaptive Streaming which can automatically adjust streaming according to bandwidth. Access mp3 songs remotely Adaptive Streaming (automatically adjusts streaming according to bandwidth) Email notification of IP Address (inevitable if you have dynamic ip) No separate client needed; just a web browser will do Built in MP3 player Built in playlist Import Winamp playlists (M3U and PLS file formats) Very easy to use


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