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MusEdit is very reasonably priced ($79) yet powerful music notation software for both amateurs and professionals. MusEdit is particularly useful for stringed instrument players since it handles tab (2-16 string) and can translate from treble to tab and vice versa, and also handles chord diagrams with ease (besides the built-in 8700 chord dictionary, you can also design chords for almost any stringed instrument in any tuning). Tab features include the ability to shift tab to different fret positions, translation to alternate tunings, and translation of treble/bass keyboard notation to a single tab staff. Tab, treble, bass and chord diagrams can be transposed to different keys. MusEdit also handles drum kit notation, alto and tenor staffs, and lyrics in any font. It has a huge set of symbols to support complex classical and drum notation and supports ensemble scores up to 20 instruments. Scores can be played back as audio or saved as a MIDI file. Learn a piece by playing back the music at any tempo, and looping over sections. MusEdit also converts MIDI files to notation (tab or treble/bass) and accepts live MIDI input. It allows very flexible layout so it's easy to mix text and notation in any way you want, and the printout is professional quality. This make it ideal for creating high quality scores which look just like what you'd see in a magazine or transcription book, music lessons, and newsletters. Numerous commercially available books have been created with MusEdit. A single button click will create an image of your music for posting on a web site. You can also post the free "MusEdit Viewer" is available which will permit people to view, print, and do audio playback of any scores you post on your site. Wholesale pricing is available for retail or website sales. Comes with a 284 pg. printed manual, and lifetime free upgrades. MusEdit has been mentioned in Acoustic Guitar, Fingerstyle, Gig, Electronic Musician and other magazines.


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