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When television stations digitized their connections, big changes were inevitable. Getting Live TV Free of charge is the next evolutionary step in the process, as viewers can now use their PCs to follow all of their favorite television shows. With a fully hosted online suite, the need for PC TV cards has been eliminated, and your internet connection has now become the doorway to hundreds of television channels. Viewers that travel can enjoy online live TV for free via their laptops, ensuring that your entertainment can go wherever you do! Via 3rd party links, all of the channels are delivered directly to your computer. Because the channels are streamed and not hosted, there are hundreds of television station links, allowing you to gain access to regional and global sources alike. Categories help to organize the offerings, making it as simple as possible to enjoy a wide-variety of programming. With regular or full-screen viewing modes available, your computer instantly transforms into a digital TV. And, the best part - your Live TV Free experience costs absolutely nothing! The Live TV Free software suite grants access to thousands of television channels and breaking down regional barriers to those that have specific viewing preferences. Never before has it been this easy to enjoy live TV for free, and with sports channels, movies, and countless radio stations streamed straight to your PC, you won't miss a thing! Sports enthusiasts will absolutely love catching every moment of the live action, and those that love films will enjoy watching movies that are still in local theatres. Users can select from an incredible genre list that includes films, global news, comedies, children's programming, and a substantial music catalogue (classical, jazz, blues, pop, etc.). The technology updates automatically via our online platform, saving users from the frustrations of downloading the latest versions or requiring system upgrades.

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