IAP In-Business Announcement Player

Multimedia and Graphics
Multi-Purpose Player and Editors
  • Developer: NCH Swift Sound Software
  • Home page: www.nch.com.au
  • License type: Commercial
  • Size: 874 KB
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The IAP will record and play public addressannouncements using a Windows 3.1, 95, NT, 98 or 2000computer with a sound card. You can continue to useyour computer for other tasks while the IAP runs inthe background. The IAP features:~ Easy playing of recorded PA announcements.~ Auto-playing of announcements at set times or atspecified intervals.~ All users on the computer network can play and evenmake announcements without leaving their desks usingIAPremote.~ Automatic background music fade when announcementplays or microphone page.~ Optional automatic chimes with microphone paging.~ Date and time announcement validity checking.~ Automatic day-part volume changes for announcementsand background music at set times of day.~ Simple, user-friendly operation for use on a day-to-day basis.

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